*Very important, please read before booking your wedding transport*

 Hiring transport for your special day can be daunting. What type of vehicle do you need? How long do you need it for? Do you really need more than one vehicle? And how much does it cost?

The vehicle you choose is down to personal preference but there are also practical matters to take into consideration when deciding on the type of vehicle. There is little point hiring a classic Rolls Royce or even an up to date model for that matter if you have more than two bridesmaids and you don't want the expense of hiring a separate vehicle for them. Saloon type vehicles rarely have the space to carry more than two people in the rear, so you end up having to use the front passenger seat which spoils the ride. There is also no point in having to try and fit in multiple journeys especially if the wedding venue is some distance from the pick up point. If you are going to do it, do it right, so a little bit of thought before you actually make a decision is essential. This is where our experience is invaluable and you should not be afraid to ask for advice. A reputable company such as ourselves will always give you the correct advice, even if it means that we can't actually take your booking. We pride ourselves on putting the needs of our clients first because we understand how important and special this day should be. We want all of our clients to be absolutely delighted with our service and that will never happen if we give you the wrong advice just to make a fast bob or two.

We started in this industry back in 1985 and at the time had a white Rolls Royce Shadow, and a white Mercedes 200 saloon. Most of the weddings we did back then actually required the two vehicles almost without exception. The Rolls was used to transport the bride and the person giving her away. The Mercedes was used to transport the groom and best man, then the bridesmaids to the wedding venue. The average cost back then for the two cars was £55 for the Mercedes, and £100 for the Rolls, so prices have not really changed that much in 27 years if you take into account the cost of fuel and insurance in 2012. We did the job right in 1985 as we do today. Please look through our web site for examples of how we decorate our wedding limousine, I am certain you will be impressed .

We have moved with the times and now we use Lincoln 8 seat Town Car limousines. The limousine is a very imposing vehicle and not only looks the part, it is also practical. Because of its ability to seat 8 passengers in supreme comfort and safety, we can keep costs down for our clients because 9 times out of 10, you will only need to hire the one vehicle. I have owned just about every make and model of vehicle since I passed my driving test back in 1977. I can say with confidence that the Lincoln Town Car Limousine is my favorite vehicle of them all, and that includes the Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, etc. It will be a very sad day when you can no longer purchase one of these superb vehicles as you can not buy a better vehicle for build quality, reliability, and comfort. The Lincoln beats the new Chrysler baby Bentley,(300) limo hands down in every respect. Some of our competitors have traded in their Lincolns for the Chrysler only to regret it almost immediately. The Lincoln is so well equipped to deal with all types of occasions that I can't see a day when I will swap mine. The huge interior with seating for 8 means that we can do an entire wedding in four trips. One trip with the groom and his party, one trip with the bridesmaids, one trip the bride, then one trip with the bride and groom to the reception. And, unlike the Rolls saloon type vehicle if the bride and groom don't mind sharing the limousine with other members of the wedding party, we can transport up to six extra passengers to the reception. Of course, we do as many trips as our clients want us to do as it is our job to serve them as they want to be served.

Our prices start at only £185 for a basic wedding package, but that would be an off peak register office wedding with one trip from the brides address to the register office, and one trip from the register office to the reception venue. Off peak times are November to April and are mid week weddings later in the day. Peak times are May to September and mainly Saturdays, especially mid day. As a general rule these dates are priced between £220 to £240 per full wedding but prices will vary due to mileage covered, number of extra trips, and also where the wedding is to take place. There are also a number of other factors so you are well advised to contact me by phone on 01642 206607, or 07901017771 to discuss your requirements. I can then give you a firm quote at our best possible rates.

In short, you only get what you pay for so is it really worth saving £10, £20, or even £40 and risk getting a very poor service from a hobby company who quite often do not know what they are doing, and also do not have the correct insurance etc. This is such an important occasion you really need to book a company with a track record of excellent service. There is little to be gained taking a chance on booking a company with no or very little experience only to be disappointed and even let down. How do you know they will turn up? Ive seen many companies come and go since 1985 because they start up thinking they are going to make some easy cash. They are not prepared to put the work in so they take your deposit, or in some cases full payment, and then they lose interest and pack it all in leaving the customer in the lurch.

We are an established limousine hire company with over 27 years experience serving the people of Middlesbrough and the north east, and we hope to be here in another 27 years. We go that extra mile to help make your special day, extra special. If you do book our limousine we will decorate it in your choice of colours, and you will also receive a free DVD of the limo ride, and complimentary drinks.

Why would you bother booking anyone else? For the best wedding limousine hire service in the north east, and at prices you can afford give me a call today and I will give you the best advice regardless of whether you book us or not.

1. The best wedding car hire service in the north east.

2. Impartial free advice available.

3. The best prices in the north east when compared like for like.

4. Over 27 years experience.

5. Established company fully licensed and insured for your comfort and safety

6. Genuine free benefits included in the price.  DVD, complimentary drinks provided.

7. Uniformed chauffeur.

8. Beautifully decorated in your choice of colours. (see picture gallery)

9. Only £50 deposit secures booking.

10. Prices per wedding, not per hour.

Please note. Please do not book and pay a deposit unless you are certain as under most circumstances all deposits are none refundable. Once booked, we can not offer your time slot to anyone else and will be turning away other bookings so that we can honour yours We put a lot of effort into a wedding and including cleaning and dressing our limousine we have to allot approximately five hours for each booking. Most weddings are booked 12 months or more in advance so as your date approaches we have very limited opportunity to secure a further booking to replace yours should you cancel.